From July 2012 onwards the proven 4.4l V8 engine in the B7 Bi-Turbo yields 397kW (540hp) at a moderate 5200rpm and maximum torque of 730Nm.


Two enhanced turbochargers with generously-dimensioned turbine vanes are responsible for the forced induction. Thorough exploitation of the engine’s potential was achieved by means of optimising the indirect intercooler (air-water/water-air) with its short intake paths and flow-optimised intercooler tracts.

High-performance pistons are at work in the cylinders, carefully developed to harmonise with a compression of 10.0:1 and a maximum turbo boost of 1.2 bar. The result is a formidable specific output of 90kW (123hp) per litre.

The B7 Bi-Turbo loves to accelerate fiercely and effortlessly from low revs: 85% of torque is available already below 2000rpm, with peak torque being available over a unusually broad range from 2800 to 5000rpm. This wide powerband coupled with the new 8-speed Sport-Automatic transmission indulges the occupants with remarkably high levels of smooth drivetrain comfort in every driving situation.

The ALPINA SWITCH-TRONIC, which has been programmed to shift exceptionally smooth and comfortable in Automatic Mode, offers different shift characteristics for every taste and situation thanks to the additional Sport and Manual Modes.


Driving the B7 Bi-Turbo becomes an altogether different experience when using the buttons found on the back of the steering wheel for manually selecting the gears of the automatic transmission. This ensures shifts take place within a few hundred milliseconds and with only minimal interruption to the transmission of power, favourably comparable even to the best twin-clutch transmissions. As a result, the new B7 Bi-Turbo sprints from 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, vehemently pressing on to a 312 km/h top speed.



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