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Discover the precious universe of ALPINA Lifestyle and Accessoires.

The collection items are usually limited to very small quantities. Individuality and small series – the factors that distinguish also ALPINA automobiles – are also paramount in this respect.
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ALPINA „50th Anniversary“

The new ALPINA "50th Anniversary" lifestyle and accessories collection is now available.
In celebration of this very special anniversary ALPINA created a collection which is both timeless and modern.
The new clothing collection is simple yet elegant and sporty, made from high-quality materials which can be worn every day.

Other brand new items in the ALPINA shop include exclusive new model cars in the 1:43 format, new 50th Anniversary Pins and ALPINA Sticky Notes.
Kids will especially enjoy the new ALPINA Racing Dog cuddly toy and ALPINA Lunchbox.

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ALPINA "Automotive Fascination since 1965"

Lifestyle Collection

Burkard Bovensiepen laid the foundation stone for ALPINA as early as the 1960s with the "Weber dual carburettor system" for the BMW 1500. ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen KG was established on 1st of January 1965 in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria. The "ALPINA" brand stands for powerful performance and premium quality and exerts unique fascination on automotive enthusiasts. 50 years onwards, ALPINA has become an indispensable part of the world of exclusive, sporty automobiles and long established itself as an automobile manufacturer of small series. The latest textile collection has the company anniversary as the motto and celebrates the brand's automotive fascination.  Now available through the ALPINA Parts Sales in Buchloe.

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ALPINA Drivers LAVALINA Collection

"handmade in Germany"

Premium quality accessories made of the finest LAVALINA leather which is also used to create the exquisite ALPINA automobile interior. All items are handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail in small, German leather goods manufactures.

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