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Classic Craftmanship Meets New Technologies

The new B5 Bi-Turbo evolves typical ALPINA virtues and design cues in a new and convincing fashion, with a refreshing and dynamic appearance.


Self-assured and powerful, the new front commands attention with decidedly aggressive, aerodynamic lines and wide openings. Clearly exhibiting family heritage, the B5 Bi-Turbo carries it's two double-ended tailpipes neatly integrated into the rear valance, a discreet rear diffuser completing the silhouette.

In combination with the rear spoiler, all aerodynamic components interplay to yield a remarkable reduction in lift of up to 60 % at the front and 30 % at the rear, providing excellent levels of high-speed stability and safety.


The interior offers a luxurious level standard equipment and delights with discreet touches which hint at the B5 Bi-Turbo’s exclusive pedigree. Leather upholstery, versatile and adjustable Comfort seats, excellent multimedia navigation system with Bluetooth and Xenon headlights ensure the driver’s and passengers’ well-being.


The SWITCH-TRONIC steering wheel, hand-stitched with finest LAVALINA leather, features an electrically-adjustable steering column while the exclusive ALPINA instruments with black-panel LCD technology luminate in their typical blue design. The classic ALPINA luxury Myrtle wood provides a warm ambience - found only on the USA’s Pacific Coast it is cultivated from dedicated Laurel tree groves.