Important Warning!

Currently there are fake and fraudulent job vacancies / employment opportunities in circulation using our company name and logo. If you are contacted either via email or an online job portal regarding a job vacancy in our company please regard following warnings:

- All ALPINA job vacancies can be found at If the job vacancy that has been offered to you is not listed on our website, you should become suspicious.

- We have not instructed any external companies or third parties to solicit job vacancies on our behalf. We contact job seekers exclusively using our business email, which always end in (for example

- Our job application process always includes job interviews conducted in person at our business head quarter in Buchloe, Germany. Only after a successful personal job interview to we send employment contracts using the post service.

- During the job application process and before employment contracts come into effect, we never request personal information from you such as for example social security numbers, identity card numbers or your personal bank account details. All documents and details relating to your employment contract are provided in person in our human resource department.

- If you have doubts please contact us via telephone +49 8241 5005-0 or email in order to seek further information regarding a specific job vacancy.


We are grateful to anyone providing further information regarding specific fake and fraudulent job vacancies being offered to you. We have taken legal action in instances where we have been made aware fraudulent job vacancies.