ALPINA enters Swedish market

Förenade Bil will be the official importer for “ALPINA Automobiles – Sweden”

ALPINA enters the Swedish market. From now on, the Swedish company Förenade Bil with dealerships in south of Sweden will act as the importer for BMW ALPINA Automobiles. The ALPINA brand will initially be represented at the retail outlet Förenade Bil in Malmö.

The first BMW ALPINA demonstration vehicles are planned to arrive at Förenade Bil in May 2019. Joakim Söderström, one of the owners of Förenade Bil, is excited to welcome ALPINA back to Förenade Bil and the Swedish market: “Between the years 1985 and 1991 Förenade Bil was proud official importer of ALPINA and now we are very delighted to have ALPINA back with us again.” Further Joakim Söderström continues enthusiastically: “ALPINA has an outstanding worldwide reputation for producing individual automobiles that perfectly combine luxurious comfort with a dynamic driving response.” He added that Förenade Bil was very pleased to be responsible for relaunching the ALPINA brand in Sweden.

Market entry in Sweden is an obvious move for ALPINA. “The brand has been very popular in Sweden for a long time and there are already a large number of older BMW ALPINA models in the market. A lot of Swedes are ‘car guys’. We’re getting increasing requests for BMW ALPINA Automobiles from the northern countries, so we believe the Swedish market has great potential,” says Managing Director ALPINA Andreas Bovensiepen.

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