ALPINA Race Day 2015

Emotionally and dynamically charged event!

This year ALPINA is celebrating its 50th anniversary and BMW ALPINA automobiles are in great demand the world over. If you are a BMW ALPINA owner, you should highlight the 18th July 2015 in your calendar. On this date the ALPINA Race Day 2015 takes place at the Salzburgring in Austria and you will have the chance to experience the full potential of your car in a unique environment.

The ALPINA Race Day has established itself as a regular date for ALPINA enthusiasts who enjoy a weekend full of petrol talk and fast laps on the race track.

During guided drives behind an experienced race instructor, you’ll quickly get to grips with the ideal line, after which you can drive your BMW ALPINA to the limits on your own and in complete control. An experience that pays dividends not only in terms of driving fun, but most definitely when it comes to safety aspects as well. Use this chance to get to know your daily companion from its wild site.

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