ALPINA Drive Day Impressions

The second ALPINA Drive Day took place on June 30th.

More than 35 BMW ALPINA drivers joined the event at the Bilster Berg to advance their driving skills and enjoy circuit time in a relaxed atmosphere - one customer even travelled all the way from Japan to participate! The Bilster Berg offers a very diverse circuit layout. Therefore it is suitable for intermediate and advanced drivers as well - one of the key reasons to perform the ALPINA Drive Day on this race track.

All participants improved markedly throughout the day and enjoyed the experience of driving their own BMW ALPINA automobiles supported by chief instructor Horst von Saurma as well as specialists from the ALPINA engineering department. Furthermore a few lucky participants had the unique chance to enjoy a few laps next to Andreas Bovensiepen in the historic BMW ALPINA M3 Gruppe A.

Many thanks to all participants for a memorable and super enjoyable day, and also a big thanks for the MICHELIN technicians who ensured that no one ran into tyre problems during the day!

We look forward to the next ALPINA Drive Day in 2018, register by mail to get information as soon as it is available later this year.

Watch the video of the ALPINA Drive Day

Pictures of the event