Engine restoration in the ALPINA manufactory

The engine is considered as the heart of every automobile, and engine construction has always been at the heart of the ALPINA manufactory.

Over the decades, thousands of ALPINA engines have been assembled by hand. Both special parts manufactured in-house and components from our suppliers are subject to strict quality tests before they are used in the engine assembly.

From the racing engines to the heart of ALPINA collector cars, all engines pass through the hands of specialists with decades of experience who work with the highest precision and specialist training.

We offer engine revisions of the highest quality standards at our factory for selected ALPINA and BMW engines:

6-cylinder petrol engines from the F3x series onwards: B3 Bi-Turbo, B3 S Bi-Turbo, B4 Bi-Turbo, B4 S Bi-Turbo, BMW M340i (engine types: N55, B58)

8-cylinder petrol engines from the F01 series onwards: B5 Bi-Turbo, B6 Bi-Turbo, B7 Bi-Turbo, BMW M550i, 750i, 850i (engine types: N63)

Thanks to our decades of experience in building engines and because our workshop has the right specialist tools, we are able to replace timing chains, rework cylinder heads and engine blocks, and also overhaul the entire crankshaft including connecting rods and pistons.

The process for engine overhauls of customer engines delivered to us looks like this:

- First contact

- Preliminary consultation and initial assessment by ALPINA specialists

- Error memory query, initial diagnosis and, if necessary, recording of a sound file by the responsible BMW or ALPINA service partner on site

- Planning of appointments and workshop capacities

- Removal of the engine at your local service partner

- Shipment of the complete, undismantled engine to our factory in Buchloe

- Disassembly, measurement and assessment by our engine specialists*

- Damage analysis and determination of the necessary or possible scope of repair and overhaul*

- Preparation of a cost estimate*

- Commissioning by the customer

- Carrying out and processing the agreed work

- Return shipment of the engine to your BMW or ALPINA service partner

- Installation of the unit in your vehicle through your BMW or ALPINA service partner


Contact: service@remove-this.alpina.de

* A part of the flat rate for diagnosis and disassembly work will be deducted when commissioning an engine overhaul.