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88 04 366 - 0915 Printed in Germany 1.0 © ALPINA ALPINA RECYCLING Your BMW ALPINA is part of an all-embracing recycling concept. Recycling demands are already considered early in the development process of a BMW ALPINA. An example of this is in the selection of materials – they are chosen, such that they are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable, using a minimum of resources to do so. Every BMW ALPINA is built so that it is easily and cost-effectively recyclable at the end of its useable life span. All this occurs in close co-operation between BMW and ALPINA. BMW Group have built a European-wide redemption and recycling infrastructure, and require high quality and environmental standards. For return of your automobile for the purposes of recycling, please contact your BMW ALPINA partner. They are ready to help. For further information about recycling firms and redemption locations, please see The models illustrated in this brochure may show the specifications of vehicles produced for Germany or another market. In part, the specifications include optional equipment and accessories not fitted as standard. According to the specific requirements of other markets or countries, alterations in models, standard and optional equipment may occur. Not all model versions, for example all-wheel drive, may be available in your market or country. This is a translation of the original German brochure which fulfils the requirements of German law. All technical data in this brochure apply to the German market, additional international units of measure shown in the technical data for the purposes of information only. For precise information on model features, equipment, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as they apply to your country please contact your local BMW ALPINA dealer or importer. Subject to change in design, equipment and technical data. September 2015 © ALPINA ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG • Alpenstraße 35-37 • 86807 Buchloe • Germany • +49 (0) 8241-5005-0 8804366 - 0915 Printed in Germany 1.0 © ALPINA

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